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Getting ready to go

In the last few days before the trip, an unwelcome Murphy decided to interject his will. Our airline travel was severely altered. Our 10:20 PM flight was canceled. We were put on a 9:40pm flight. When I called the airline, they had no record of our ticket. Another call to the travel agency and we were put on a 7:30pm flight. Another call to the airline and once again the tickets were not valid. Another call to the travel agency and I was told we could be on a connecting flight through Pittsburgh with a 36 minute layover. Far to little time and an unworkable situation, I told the travel agent. Finally, after 10 frustrating hours, we were issued valid tickets for a flight leaving at 7:30am. What was at first an overnight flight was now a flight that required an additional night in a hotel. I called the hotel and after another hour on the phone, I our reservations were changed.

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